The end of the financial year is typically a busy time for many businesses, as clients push you to get work completed, your boss wants the maximum amount of work invoiced, and budgets need to be spent before the Finance team takes it off you forever (we all know it's true - use it or lose it!) 

The month of June marks many long evenings spent in the office as the last push is on to meet client deadlines, and make your company's FY17 results the most positive it can be. This means tired and frazzled team members, and sometimes tired and frazzled clients... 

So here are five ways you can help buoy your employees, colleagues and clients this end-of-financial-year season:

  1. Surprise them with a cheese platter. Be the world's best boss or team member by having a cheese platter delivered to the office. Or a selection of slices, biscuits and cakes... or maybe even an antipasto platter. Even better when it comes with coffees as well! 
  2. Provide delicious dinners in the office for those working late.  Fill your staff kitchen's fridge or freezer with a selection of our Aquila Home Selections pastas - these make a hearty dinner that can be simply heated in the microwave and eaten at work for those nights when you have to stay back. Think beef cheek ragu, creamy chicken penne, or wild mushroom risotto.

    And for those office kitchens that have an oven, our pizzas are amazing - they are best cooked in the oven straight from the freezer, so no excuse not to have your freezer stocked!
  3. Hold an EOFY party in your office. Once the clock ticks over and the hard work is done, consider having a catered breakfast, lunch or dinner in your office to thank your team for their efforts. Keep it simple with breakfast or lunch platters, or take it up a notch with our most popular catering set menu: chicken skewers, lamb skewers, grilled market fish, steamed greens and broccolini, garden salad, cheese platters, and a selection of sweet slices. 
  4. Hold an EOFY party at Aquila! We can cater for groups of 2 to 180, and can help you organise a lunch, a private dinner, or an evening cocktail party. This can be a great way to thank your team and your clients, and there's no room hire fee for groups over 20 on a weeknight.
  5. Give a voucher to say thanks. An Aquila voucher can be redeemed for dine-in or take-away meals, coffee, as a bar tab, or used for Aquila Home Selections take home meals. They can also be used multiple times until the value of the voucher is reached, making them a great 'thank you' to your team or valued clients. 

And remember, when it all gets too much and you need a break - we have coffee, food (and a bar!) waiting for you :)